B i o g r a p h y



Drummer for:  Hubert Laws, Eldar, Clare Fischer, Mike Wofford, Gary Foster, Dirk Fischer, Mike Garson, Roni Ben-hur, Nilson Matta, Terrell Stattford, Brian Lynch, George Gaffney, Karol Kaye, Andy Simpkins, Bob Magnusson, Alphonso Johnson, Jay Migliore, Ricky Woodard, Eric Johnson, Tony Dumas, Putter Smith, Harry Pickens, Kamau Kenyatta and Holly Hofmann.


PERFORMANCE (Accompanist for vocalists)


Drummer for:  Jackie & Roy (Jackie Cain & Roy Kral), Kenny Rankin, Jimmy & Jeanie Cheatham "Sweet Baby Blue Band”, Kevin Mahogany, Eloise Laws, David Whitfield, Tony Russell, Larry Greene, Kristin Korb.


PERFORMANCE (Popular music)


Jeff Goldblum, Stepchild, Tom Braxton, Josh White Jr., Bernard Ighner (composer of “Everything Must Change”) and The Promise Worship Team.


PERFORMANCE (Musical Theater)


"Seize the King"

“Into the Heart of East & West: 

In tribute  to Ravi Shankar” featuring Kartik Seshadri


"Jazz Queens Cast Blue Shadows"

"Nina Simone"

“Blues Schoolhouse” International House Of Blues (San Diego)

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